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KOOP offers a combined set of services for diverse needs of its hub members. A member is provided with clustered services ie consultancy, mentorship, events, fintech tours, business development, API sandbox, etc. Members can also tap into cost-efficient coworking offered by Workinton.



We cherry-pick our mentors upon a careful consideration of credentials. Mentorship is not a friends and family engagement. It requires true-to-life guidance, and occasionally playing the devil’s advocate.

We have automated the mentorship services towards cutting-edge platform given our mentors come from different parts of the world. Mentornity delivers a seamless user experience in booking and interviewing with mentors.

We value the support of our mentors who come from various industries and experiences. It is our hope and belief that mentors will also learn from the sessions they will hold with the mentees.


  • Pinar Emirdag
    Pinar Emirdag Entre/Intra-preneur, Executive, Product Development
  • Ertunc Tumen
    Ertunc Tumen Executive VP at Ak Asset Management, Vice President of CFA Society of Istanbul
  • Florin Adrian Oprea
    Florin Adrian Oprea Entrepreneur, FinTech & Blockchain Consultant, Capital Markets Specialist
  • Ivan Takev
    Ivan Takev CEO of Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  • Fadi Saab
    Fadi Saab Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Advisory Services
  • Ugur Sarman
    Ugur Sarman Marco Polo Securities, Director


KOOP has partnered with Workinton, a primary and the largest co-working operator in Turkey, to launch the first ever physical fintech hub in the country.

Hub members enjoy an environment of fast connection, high concentration and efficient networking with rich treats at the most central locations of the business world while working, at the price of a cup of coffee. For those who wish to have a company address at one of those prestigious locations, virtual office is also available providing a Hub member with contact and legal address, delivery reception and secretary services.

KOOP Hub is headquartered at Workinton’s Astoria offices. A big portion of Hub activities and events will take place where the Hub resides. Hub members are recommended to consider Astoria for their office needs whereas a Hub member may pick one of other Workinton locations. Please consider that only UNLIMITED ACCESS category is available with the Hub for simplicity reasons.

  • What is missing is a platform that connects startups, fintechs and investors. This trend has been going on in the world for a while. I am glad that it now starts in Istanbul.

    Hamid Moghadam
    Hamid Moghadam Shoxie
  • KOOP is a dynamic platform that brings people together from various industries and that facilitates collaboration. I think it is awesome!

    Seyfi Erol
    Seyfi Erol MOKA
  • Fintech is an ever-evolving industry. The ecosystem KOOP is building will support the fintech programs significantly.

    Ekin Ozgulsen
    Ekin Ozgulsen KPMG
  • The most prominent feature of KOOP is to offer key services for the financial technologies ecosystem so the startups can develop relevant solutions.

    Pinar Massena
    Pinar Massena Workinton
  • Financial and insurance technologies are fashionable today. There is a growing interest of investors towards such industries. So I find KOOP conducive and timely to enable sector players to collaborate with each other.

    Haluk Cavusoglu
    Haluk Cavusoglu ZOHO TURKEY
  • KOOP is making a distinctive and independent touch of building a financial innovation ecosystem and a cross-industry gateway.  My favorite part is the positive and friendly approach of the KOOP team.

    Atilla Daci
    Atilla Daci Garanti Bank


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