Why should I sign up?

You need to sign up to be able to navigate the website in full details, register to the events, to become a Hub member and access to KOOP API sandbox. Remember that the signup is easy and takes only seconds.

How can I sign up?

Once you submit request to become a member or register to a free event, you will be directed into Sign up page. You can also click the “Login” link on our home page to go to the Sign up page. You will be required to provide us with your basic information.

Why do you need my email address?

We need your email address to verify your membership and ensure your security.

How can I change my account information?

You can access and change your information by clicking on your username at the top menu.

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Please click on “Forgot password?” link; submit request to reset your password; go to your mailbox and find the email that has been sent you by us. Click on the link in your email and re-enter your password on the login page. You may change your password anytime from your account dashboard.

Hub Membership

Why should I be a hub member?

The fintech innovation requires ongoing interaction, collaboration, economies of scale and continuous learning. KOOP is a peculiar fintech hub offering versatile and sophisticated ecosystem services. There will be a wide array of projects, programs, events and digital services within the hub to support fintech innovation locally and globally. The independent identity of the hub is a powerful pillar to engineer the platform as an information exchange for startups, service providers, banks, insurers, fund managers, operators, merchants, regulators and many other key players. KOOP will offer unmatched business opportunities for its members to expand cross-border in the region.

How can I become a hub member?

You can securely subscribe to hub membership that comes with various membership benefits. Please check out the Hub menu for further details on membership categories.

Are individuals allowed for membership?

Yes. Any individual with bright ideas and ambitions is welcome at the hub. However, you will be expected to provide the valid name of your startup, company or organization at signup.

Are corporates or institutions allowed for membership?

Yes. In order for us to maintain an effective communication, you will be expected to designate a contact person who will sign up on behalf of your corporate (company, institution or other legal entities). For the signup process, both individuals and corporates are subject to the same registration process and profile info.

Is there any time limitation for the hub membership?

There is no time limitation for any member to reside in the hub membership.

What is the right membership category for me?

The hub membership is available for startups and corporates. Startups under 3 years old are admitted to membership free of charge. Others are expected to pay a monthly fee. Please review the membership services and benefits as advertised on our website.

What happens when my hub membership has expired?

Once the term of your hub membership has ended, your membership is renewed and you are accrued membership fee on a monthly recurring basis.


What do I get through mentorship and advisory services?

KOOP has put together a fine roster of mentors that understand the industry in multiple angles. Mentorship services include management consultancy, strategy support, business development guidance, product engineering advices, design thinking, UI/UX, marketing, legal support and many other fintech-related deliverables.

How do I access to mentorship services?

The mentorship service is only available upon request by hub members and fully automated. Each session (hour) is calculated and conducted on a 45-minutes time slot. The mentorship sessions are conducted either face-to-face or digitally. Digital sessions are facilitated on the mentorship platform. The hub members are allowed to navigate through mentors’ profile and book an available time slot on the digital calendar. Please check out the communication preferences of the mentor you wish to interview with as well as his/her available time slots.

Are mentorship services free?

The mentorship is free for the Hub members.

Are KOOP events free?

Most of the KOOP events are free as they will require registration at KOOP website. Each participant is expected to sign up to KOOP for event registration unless s/he has not signed up before. Paid events will also require KOOP registration during the payment. Payment is processed through a secure and certificated infrastructure. KOOP offers special discounts or free passes to its hub members for paid events. Please review your membership benefits for such discounts. As the event participation is only available upon request by the hub members, no participation leads to no refund or discounts in the membership fees.

What happens when a paid event is postponed or canceled?

The procedure for postponements or cancellations are determined and announced by KOOP at the earliest convenience.

What is fintech tour?

A fintech tour is an organized and programmed visit to international fintech destinations. Each visit targets a several-days meeting marathon with fintechs, investors, financial innovators, regulators and other destination-specific entities. The tours are organized for a small group and on-demand basis.

Are fintech tours free?

There might be participation fees determined on a case-by-case basis. The hub members benefit from special discounts or free passes for each visit. Please review your membership benefits for such discounts. As the fintech tour participation is only available upon request by the hub members, no participation leads to no refund or discounts in the membership fees.

What is KOOP API?

API is an acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a communication protocol that is widely used across the world. KOOP API is a sandbox defined as a test environment website and related materials, information, test API(s), simulators, Sandbox Data and other similar resources specifically for testing purposes only.

KOOP API Sandbox refers to an environment that replicates production environment’s functionality populated with test data. Utilizing sandbox environment allows end users to perform experimentation before getting production environment access. Usually, applications pass functional and system testing and satisfies all business and technical constraints requests in the Sandbox Environment.

KOOP API is powered by our solution partner, Telenity, who is a well-known and trusted API service provider globally. The support services for KOOP API are provided by Telenity.

Is KOOP API free?

Yes. Thanks to our solution partner, we provide the Sandbox for free.

How can I access to KOOP API?

A quick signup with KOOP is good enough for you to access to the sandbox. You will be first required to agree with the terms and conditions once on the platform.

Can I access to the full set of APIs available on sandbox?

API providers may occasionally apply categorical restrictions for end-users in accessing to particular APIs. Please review the instructions or contact us for questions at

What are the co-working services with KOOP?

KOOP offers coworking services for those who wish to involve in the KOOP physical ecosystem. Please check out the HUB menu for office offerings, products and advantageous pricing.

The co-working services are powered by our solution partner, one of the leading co-working operators.

Is it mandatory to purchase office space to become a hub member?

Not at all. Co-working services are completely optional. The hub member may benefit from all other services without purchasing coworking.

What is KOOPmag?

It is a full-fledge digital marketing platform enriched with in-house videos, interviews and expert contributions produced by KOOP or the hub members.

Any other benefits that are provided by KOOP partners?

Yes. KOOP partners with a number of leading market players to deliver the hub members with services that will be of great help in tackling some of the challenges. For instance, Radore, a market leader in data center services, offers an undeniable hosting offer for the hub startup members. Please keep yourself updated with our announcements to benefit from such opportunities to the greatest extent possible.

Similarly, there will be special discounts or participation opportunities for the hub members at events or programs organized by KOOP partners locally or abroad.


How can I pay for membership fees?

After selecting the membership, you will be prompted to enter billing and payment information digitally. Upon successful conduct of payment, you will be receiving an email describing details of your purchase as well as an invoice per your purchase.

How can I pay for event tickets?

After selecting the event and number of tickets, you will be prompted to enter billing and payment information. Upon successful conduct of payment, you will be receiving an email describing details of your purchase, your digital ticket as well as an invoice.

How can I pay for other services?

After selecting the service, you will be prompted to enter billing and payment information. Upon successful conduct of payment, you will be receiving an email describing details of the purchased service as well as an invoice.

Is VAT included in the pricing?

Yes, VAT and all taxes are included in the prices and fees for purchases.

Is it mandatory to provide Citizenship ID number at payment?

Yes but only for individuals. We need your Citizenship ID (TCKN) for invoicing purposes.

Is it mandatory to provide tax ID number?

Yes but only for corporates (companies, institutions and other commercial tax payers). We need your corporate’s Tax ID number and the registered tax office for invoicing purposes.

I ran into a problem during payment. How can I find out whether I have successfully concluded the purchase?

You can go to your account information to see your purchases. If you cannot see the item you have purchased, then your transaction has not gone through. If you think there may be a problem, please drop us an email then we will get back to you.

I bought a wrong item by mistake. Can I cancel the purchase?

It is possible. Please do not try anything else and drop us an email at the earliest convenience. We will do our best to fix it for you.

I bought more than one item by mistake. Can I return?

It is possible. Please do not try anything else and drop us an email at the earliest convenience. We will do our best to fix it for you.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, bank transfers and EFT payments.

Can I pay in installments?

Once you reach the payment step, you will be asked whether you would like to pay in installments, if installments are allowed for that purchase. In that case, you can see all installment options and select one as you please.

How safe is it for me to enter my credit card information here?

All transactions carried out on our site are encrypted via SSL – the safest technology available for online transactions- and we never store your credit card information. Also, the payment steps take place between you and your bank, and we have 3D Secure Payment technology to thank for that.

After I enter my credit card or bank account information on your website, the page freezes on a white screen or I get an error that says SERVER ERROR. What do I do?

Please make sure that your card is authorized for 3D Secure payments, and that you are entering all information correctly. As this procedure is handled on the bank’s webpage, we cannot interfere with it or help you in any way. But unless you see a confirmation page when you return to our site, rest assured that no funds have been withdrawn from you. If your payment has not gone through for some reason, you will need to start over and try again.

When I enter the code sent to me via SMS on the payment page, the system does not accept it. What should I do?

The code sent via SMS on the 3D Secure payment page is being generated and sent to you by your bank. The page where you are asked to enter it also belongs to the bank. If your code is not accepted by the system, please contact your bank.

The system won't accept my credit card, why?

Your bank decides whether your card is approved or not and the error messages you receive are also generated by the bank’s system. If your card fails to be approved, please check if the problem may be one of the following:

Is your credit card limit available?
2) Are you entering your card number, CVC number and expiration date correctly?
3) Have you authorized your card for online payments?
4) Have you authorized our card for 3D secure payment system?
5) Is your card a credit card or debit card?
6) Has your card expired?
7) If your card is a supplementary card, can the main card have been cancelled?
8) Is there any change you may have previously cancelled your card?

Refund And Cancellation

Is refund possible after purchase?

There is no return policy with KOOP membership and other services.

Is it possible to cancel membership?

Any of the Parties may terminate the Contract, at any time and with no obligation of indemnification and of excuse, by properly notifying the other Party either via registered letter with return receipt at the registered postal address, or at the registered email address, 14 (fourteen) days before the termination.

KOOP will not repay or refund to the Member for purchases except paid events and fintech tours. The refund policy is conducted within procedures as defined in the Contract.


What are the contact details for support and inquiries?

KOOP API Sandbox

(+90) 212 468 2131 / (+1) 203 445 2006



(+90) 212 403 9561

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