Main Domain
Payment, Money Transfer

Nakitex allows individuals withdraw and deposit cash from contracted retailers like an ATM. Nakitex provides the above functionalities with just a mobile application that uses a QR Code system.

At the user side, we offer them an accessible, easy and fast cash availability. Users don’t have to search for their bank’s ATM locations because they can go any near Nakitex Points and do their ATM process from the app.

At the retailers side, this system creates potential customer for them because many people desire to withdraw or deposit money from their store location. Moreover, retailers will gain an additional money from the usage of Nakitex.

The most obvious benefit of Nakitex is for Banks. ATM expenses of Banks are quite high among other alternative distribution channels. We give banks the opportunity to decrease their ATM expenses and reach wider area to service.

Other Information
PoC Stage, Launch
Revenue Model
Fee per users/transactions
Clients and Beneficiaries
Banks , retailers like supermarkets
Targeted markets
Turkey, MENA
Key people
Muhammed Aziz Ulak, Co-Founder; Chousein Giousouf, Co-Founder; Damla Yasun; Co-Founder
Registered as a company?
Launch Date
Incubator/Accelerator experience
Lonca Girişimcilik Merkezi (Powered by Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank) , Code.Yapıkredi/KWORKS ( Powered by Yapı ve Kredi Bankası)
External funding

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Contact person
Muhammed Aziz Ulak
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Phone Number
Astoria AVM Workinton, Esentepe, İstanbul 34349
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