We’re transforming the way people manage their cryptocurrency assets, enabling users to create multi-currency current accounts and execute instant blockchain-powered cross border payments all within a few taps.

• Increase Adaption: Increase cryptocurrency adoption globally.

• Connect: Connect the old world of traditional banking with the new world of cryptocurrencies.

• Bank the Unbanked: Provide basic banking services for the unbanked population.

The HubrisOne platform enables customers to:
• Access, manage and view all their existing bank accounts via an API (Open Banking).

• Creates an industry needed on-ramp and off-ramp for cryptocurrency investors.

• Instantly create new multi-currency bank accounts digitally, targeted to the unbanked population.

• Easily buy, sell and manage cryptocurrency assets.

• Execute instant, traceable, low-cost cross-border transfers all within a few taps.

• Access third-party services and solutions through the integrated marketplace.

Intended impact

We’re seeking to disrupt three key growth sectors. Remittance, cryptocurrencies and challenger bank market. Combined these markets are more than $600 bln.

• We started this mission when we understood the magnitude and impact that blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and digital challenger banks were going to have on our day to day lives and the future of monetary system as we know it.

• As early adapters of blockchain technology, we understood the benefits, however, we struggled to understand why this technology had not been implemented and integrated into our day to day lives. We want to change this and bring the technology to the fingertips of more people globally.

• We quickly realized that there was a lack of solutions in the current market that was user-friendly and innovative. This is where we saw the gap and the opportunity.

• It’s our mission to make it easier for new entrants to gain access to the cryptocurrency market using a user-friendly approach.

Substantial accomplishments to date

• We gained 12,000 users on the waiting list in 5 weeks without any marketing budget.
• c.70% of all new users come through organic registrations with 30% new users coming through our referrals program.
• Remaining users are acquired through our growing social media channels.

• We developed and launched our alpha app (MVP) with founder funds. The app is available for IOS and Android, to date it has been downloaded over 19,000 times up to now.

• Developed a strong growing brand within for pioneering cryptocurrency and blockchain technology adoption solutions and applications with real-life use-cases.

• Over 17,000 hits per month on the website (without paid marketing).
• Grew our Twitter to 7,400 followers.
• Attracted over 2,100 likes on Facebook.
• Over 1,400 followers on Instagram.
• Over 5,500 followers on LinkedIn corporate page.

• We’ve partnered with key blockchain players within the space, from exchanges to blockchain based insurance companies.

• We joined forces with key blockchain players, Stellar and Keybox on an event in London in November 2018 – we presented HubrisOne to an audience of 100 people and received product features ideas and gained our very first early bird users.

Monetisation strategy

Our user waitlist is ready and growing each day. Upon full operational launch, we can begin to monetise immediately.

There are three primary sources of revenue generation:

1. Monthly Subscription Fee
We will charge £5 per month per user, per month for premium account features. There is a free membership option available, with limited account features.

2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Fee
We will apply a 1.40% fee to any buy, sell and exchange through our integrated exchange. Each user that wishes to exchange, buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum or other popular cryptocurrencies, we will apply a fee of 1.4%.

3. Multi-Commerce Marketplace
We will charge a one-off annual on-boarding fee of £500 (renews annually) for partners to join the HubrisOne marketplace. This fee enables our partners to access our growing user base and market their products, services, and solutions, ranging from insurance, travel, e-commerce and more.

Use of proceeds

The crowdfund proceeds will be allocated in the following ways:

40% – Finalise Development & Launch.
• Implement and integrate exchange system, current account features, and security infrastructure. Develop and finalize the current live application.

35% – Operations.
• Day to day business activities to be carried out by the team in addition to required planning, product development and implementation by the team.

23% – Paid Marketing Campaigns.
• Launch our first paid marketing campaigns to ramp up user acquisition and increase brand awareness.

2% – Obtain own FCA Electronic Money Licence (EMI).
• For the first year of operation, we will be utilizing our pre-paid solution partners FCA status, as an authorized agent. It’s our goal to apply for an EMI within the first 24 months of active operation.

Other Information
Revenue Model
Fee per users/transactions
Clients and Beneficiaries
Users who use specific banking features and those who use cryptocurrency related services
Targeted markets
Global unbanked over 2 billion. population
Key people
Ivan Gyimah (CEO, co-founder), McAnthony Gyimah (CFO, co-founder), Utku Kerem Gülçek (CMO), Osa Andre Omo Osagie (CCO, Managing Partner), Robert Laguna (Head of Operations)
Registered as a company?
Launch Date
Incubator/Accelerator experience
External funding

Contact details
Contact person
Utku Kerem Gülçek
E-mail Address
Phone Number
A30, Cornwall, England TR4 8UN
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