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FTech Labs focuses on financial technologies regarding FX, Stock Exchanges and BlockChain. There are two co-founders who have more than 13+ years experience in technology and 7+ in financial application development. Co-founders know each other and working together since 2009. They worked in well-known companies including two biggest FX brokers in Turkey. FTech Labs is established in 2017 and located in Yıldız Technical University Techno Park. At the moment FTech Labs has two major product.

First product is ‘Vinculum FX Bridge’ which provides integration and mid-level risk management for FX brokers. It is deployed to a company in Cyprus and it will be deployed to two different companies in February. The project is sold to an English company with all IPs but still FTech Labs will have share on profit for three years.

BisHFT is another product developed with local FX broker partnership. BisHFT does algorithmic trading on Futures in Istanbul Stock Exchange and runs in co-location of stock exchange. We are planning to use BisHFT on Options and Stocks as well in short term. After all, we will spread product to other companies to run their own algorithms.

In 20019 we are planning to make our current product better with side projects like trade flow analysis by using machine learning. This new project will be applicable for any flow including FX, Stocks and Crypto Currencies.

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FX Brokers, Asset Management Companies
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Adil Bahadır Doğan, Co-founder; Mahmut Gündeş, Co-founder
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Mahmut Gündeş
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Unnamed Road, Esenler, İstanbul 34220
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