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Data, Analytics

Artiwise is the new generation text analytics company. Artiwise Text Analytics Platform which is providing supervised classification, clustering, topic discovery, root-cause analysis, sentiment analysis for business and research purposes. It is the most comfortable, the fastest and the most affordable way to understand your textual data. No need to afford such a huge infrastructers for understanding big textual datasets, Artiwise provides end-to-end text analytics tool that you can play on and deploy production environments. You can build different variations of statistical models in the sandbox and deploy your best models to the production environment. Artiwise offers unique analytics experience for understanding customers’​ voice. In order to raise customer loyalty and win new customers, you can collect, manage and analyze different types of channels such as customer feedback, surveys, webchat, email, social media, actual operational data.

Artiwise’s brand new product, Artiwise Web Analysis provides companies to analyze textual contents from most popular websites. Using this product, companies are able to get intelligence on their clients, their business domain and their own companies. In addition to that, this intelligence may be used for credit scoring.

Other Information
Growth, Sustainable business
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Clients and Beneficiaries
Banks, Insurers, Aviation, Automotive, Telco, Government
Targeted markets
US, Europe, UK
Key people
Fatih Samet Çetin, Co-founder, CTO; Tanel Temel Co-founder,CEO
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Incubator/Accelerator experience
ITU Cekirdek, Turk Telekom Pilot
External funding

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Fatih Samet Çetin
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Reşitpaşa Mahallesi, Katar Caddesi Teknokent Arı 8 binası, 34467 Sarıyer, Sarıyer, İstanbul 34398
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