Blockchain Meetup Series #7

Demystifying Cryptoassets Florin Adrian Oprea, Blockchain Asia Crypto assets Crypto funds Crypto trading ICOs #blockchainmeetupseries  

Blockchain Meetup Series #6

ChainTalk Building your cryptocurrency – Tansel Kaya, Mindstone Choosing the right ICO – Tuna Özen, ICO Advisor Binans: What the future holds – Hakan Baş, Binans  

Service Design in Financial Services

Service Design in Financial Services powered by LadiesthatUX-İstanbul An upscale conversation with practitioners on service design and design thinking. Nilay Ocak LadiesUXIstanbul Derya [...]

Blockchain Meetup Series #5

Initial Coin Offering Background, underpinnings, upsides, downsides, risks, regulatory programs, best practices, failures and future outlook

Blockchain Meetup Series #4

Crypto Investing February 22, 2018, Workinton Levent 199, Istanbul How are ICOs and token sales approached by Silicon Valley Cryptocurrencies and security Regulations in protecting crypto [...]

Blockchain Meetup Series #3

Ethereum & ConsenSys Speaker: Andrew Keys January 29, 2018, Workinton Levent 199, Istanbul Blockchain infrastructures Ethereum ICO #blockchainmeetupseries

Blockchain Meetup Series #2

CTOs unbundle Blockchain January 17, 2018, Workinton Esentepe (Astoria), Istanbul Smart Contracts Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Blockchain infrastructures [...]