The regional fintech hub opens doors in Bucharest 1 August, 2018, ISTANBUL and BUCHAREST KOOP – the fintech hub expands to the Romanian market to enable innovation and facilitate [...]

Insure & Innovate ’18

Koop hub hosted the first insurtech summit in Turkey with the support of AcerPro, Sigorta Cini and Fintech Park. The extremely high participation ratio for the first insurtech summit in Turkey [...]

Blockchain Meetup Series #7

Demystifying Cryptoassets Florin Adrian Oprea, Blockchain Asia Crypto assets Crypto funds Crypto trading ICOs #blockchainmeetupseries  

Blockchain Meetup Series #6

ChainTalk Building your cryptocurrency – Tansel Kaya, Mindstone Choosing the right ICO – Tuna Özen, ICO Advisor Binans: What the future holds – Hakan Baş, Binans  

Blockchain Meetup Series #5

Initial Coin Offering Background, underpinnings, upsides, downsides, risks, regulatory programs, best practices, failures and future outlook

Blockchain Meetup Series #4

Crypto Investing February 22, 2018, Workinton Levent 199, Istanbul How are ICOs and token sales approached by Silicon Valley Cryptocurrencies and security Regulations in protecting crypto [...]

Banking innovation runs on top of agenda #BaaSSummit

Blockchain Meetup Series #3

Ethereum & ConsenSys Speaker: Andrew Keys January 29, 2018, Workinton Levent 199, Istanbul Blockchain infrastructures Ethereum ICO #blockchainmeetupseries

Blockchain Meetup Series #2

CTOs unbundle Blockchain January 17, 2018, Workinton Esentepe (Astoria), Istanbul Smart Contracts Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Blockchain infrastructures [...]

Blockchain Meetup Series #1

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