KOOP has delivered a successful banking industry event

Once speculating over the names of a banking conference where innovation and openness should be the main ingredients, we ended up with Banking as a Service.

This is the culmination of weeks-long discussion in which we swayed around a multitude of leading elements in the banking innovation. Challenger banks are poised to be capturing some market share against the conventional players. Satellite vehicles offer low-cost money transfer, high-interest deposit services. Banks are driven towards mobile banking and less motivated for branch operations. Omnichannel banking delivers lenient infrastructures with API plug-and-plays. Regulations such as PSD2 turn into an enabler rather than a stumbling block for open innovation. The bank has eventually become a service to be integrated with a number of internal and external products. Given such base analysis, we have opted Banking as a Service as some may contend that it is a platform not a service. It is a view that we regard highly and that the name of the event may evolve into it in the next rounds.

Learn, Benchmark, Interact

The Summit was rich in content, equipped with upscale speakers from international and local markets and a venue for active interaction among the participants. Around 30 startups with concrete products showcased to the Turkish banks alongside the event. This is a terrific indicator of why we do events. KOOP events are open platforms for ecosystem and community building.

Speakers who are practitioners

At our summits, there is only one selection criteria for speakers and presenters: A use case or live product to present with. This renders the content more interesting and worthwhile for audience to commit time to. The below video presents a synopsis of some observations.

These are the key words that we have harvested from the summit: open banking, innovation, PSD2, digitalization, digitization, challenger bank, integration, API, fintech, startup, blockchain, money transfer, security, KYC, identity, CX, UI/UX, cross-border banking, AI, data analytics, chatbot, accounting services, compliance and RegTech. If you wish to explore more of what was discussed, please visit our YouTube channel for speaker videos.

A powerful speakers line-up

By this token, we extend gratitude to our distinguished speakers: Lukas Dzuroska, at Efma, Dilek Duman at Denizbank, Yakup Dogan at Yapı Kredi, Norris Koppel at Monese, Egor Avetisov at Privatbank, Can Orhun at E-Güven, Gülben Yağcı at TEB, Adem Yekeler at INGBank, Ertuğrul Sezik at Veripark, Rayaan Arif at Funding Tree, Jaroslaw Dabrowski at DFCM, Mustafa Baltacı at FintechPark, Marjan Delatinne at Ripple, Tolga Ulutas at Akbank, Maciej Kostro at Poland Banking Association, Koray Arıkan at KOBIL, Mucahit Gundebahar at Kuveyt Turk, Esat Belhan at Yapı Kredi, İlhan Bağören at Telenity, Umut Onan at Wunder, Aydıncan Ataberk at Ethnogram, Dante Işıl Özkan at Okto People, Irakli Agladze at Combine, Hendrik Luuk at AlphaBlues, Niels Van Weereld at Faction XYZ, Rafal Strzelecki at Cyberproductivity and Oluş Kayacan at Governance.com.

The event was not made possible without valuable support of sponsors. Many thanks to E-Güven, Veripark and KOBIL.

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