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The financial innovation hub of EMEA

Fintech has come to the fore in recent years as innovation impacts the financial services dramatically. Digital banking, payments, distributed ledger, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, insurtech, robo-advisory, P2P lending, crowdfunding and other verticals have become pivots to this dramatic change. Internet of Things, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence and algorithms have associated with the innovation programs. This has led to a brand new understanding as well as industry with peculiar needs and requirements. KOOP, towards its diverse community-building services, will serve as an enabler in this fast-growing industry to meet with requests of parties at all-types and scopes.


Demet Zubeyiroglu

Managing Director


Okan Utkueri

InsurTech Program Lead


Pınar Emirdağ, PhD

Blockchain Program Lead


Emin Çatana, PhD

WealthTech Program Lead

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